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Suites Master

Affordable fireplace and overview terrace suites.

From COP$194.000 to COP$239.000


Suites Master Superior

Master suite with fireplace and overview terrace.

From COP$249.000 to COP$260.000


Suites Premium

Master suite with fireplace, jacuzzi and overview terrace.

From COP$265.000 to COP$340.000

Suites Arco Iris Mountain Hotel & Spa

Suites Arcoiris is the only mountain spa hotel in Villa de Leyva with rooms that has a special and diferent character. 26 of its rooms have a spectacular and priviledge view of Villa de Leyva’s and around landscapes. Its large and illuminated rooms are decorated with original artworks, have terraces and balconies where you can enjoy the exquisite food from our restaurant.

If you are a nature lover, you can do beautiful walks through the cannons where 2 cristal water rivers falls, or just contemplate from viewpoints  a magic and inspirating sunset.

The Hotel also counts with transportation with aditional cost and relaxing zone that offers low prices massages, sauna, turco and social jacuzzis.


Astonishing value for the price. Perfect for backpackers splashing out. For its cost, one of the best of its kind in Colombia. The setting is amazing, rooms have huge windows. Some facing nearby mountains (spectacular), others the valley. The double beds are very big and ...

Rasmus One

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