Hoteles Villa de Leyva


Before make a reservation have a look of this information:

  • Not suitable for children under 12.
  • Not suitable for pets.
  • Hotel not suitable for handcapped people or persons with heart, breathing or nervous system problems.
  • We do not accept people that are noisy, complicated, alcoholic.

Our hotel is ideal for nature and silence lovers. People evolved, happy and respectful to others.

Save time, before calling or sending an e­mail, review our fares, discounts and plans. Our service is personalized, please if the numbers are busy, leave us a message and we will get you back as soon as we can.

Before booking see map and access rode links

See map of arrival 

How to reservation

Reserve time:
from to 8 a.m a 8:00p.m

Movile phones numbers : 310 873 3121 / 311 254 7919

Payment methods

  1. Pay online via PSE.
  2. Bank deposit.

Booking Policy:

If you dont show up or cancel on the day of the booking, you will be penalized with a 100%. If you cancel or re­schedule your booking with 24 hours it will carry a 75% penalization. If canceled or re­schedule with more than 48 hours the penalization will be 50%. Any money devolution will carry a 20% penalty even if the booking is for 1 or 2 months in advance.

Mapa Suites Arco Iris

  1. Escalón al Cielo
  2. Venus
  3. Sol y Luna
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Cantarina
  6. Sueñitos
  7. Miel y Café
  8. Romeo y Julieta
  9. Cielo Azul
  10. Botellitas
  11. Media Naranja
  12. Botellas
  13. Semillas
  14. Luna LLena
  15. Cantata
  16. Bosquecito
  17. Pedacito de Cielo
  18. Gran Emperatriz
  19. Zar y Zarina
  20. Limón y Menta
  21. Entrenubes
  1. Portería
  2. Parqueadero
  3. Restaurante
  4. Cañón la Colorada
  5. Mirador al Pueblo
  6. Jardines
  7. Cascada
  8. Bosque
  9. Miradores